The Last One

Here we are again, just a couple of hours after my last deadline post. I like these ‘exams’ because I don’t really need to read. I mean, I could read about things I want to write about, I suppose.

It’s been a wild ride. This year is actively trying to kill us and we must keep on schooling and working. I’m not saying it’s the wrong thing to do, we have to keep going while scientists or whatever figure this one out. We can’t do anything else besides staying home and trying to be productive but, jeez, it sucks being stuck in the same chair for hours on end doing homework and/or working.

While I have not completely lost sanity due to being inside my house all the time, school and work definitely have made me lose it. I’ve cried, not slept, procrastinated and all that Gen-Z stuff you hear about online these days. Still, I did very well regarding grades, but I do see where the sacrifices were made.

I do feel stronger, and more resilient. Not saying that it was the healthiest thing. It is what it is, and I have to adjust. Everyday I try to be better: exercise a little bit, get more rest, stress less, ask for more help. I’m not getting ‘cured’ anytime soon, but I can see progress almost everyday. Of course, some days are just not great and hope that the next one is better.

What I learned from the course

Well, we had many resources:

The book is just so real with the themes it handles. Not the actual story itself, but its ‘academic material’. I can remember a couple of times I was reading a chapter and being all like ‘this is what’s happening at work’. Then I’d talk about it with Ken at his meetings.

I really appreciated it, and the oppotunity to express myself through writing which I quite like.

I can definitely say I learned to deal with people. Not like controlling them, but how to ask, say and tell certain things, mostly in the professional world.

The guest speakers were really nice as they brought their world and perspective into our Zoom classes. I think we had like, a couple before quarantine, but I only remember the economics one. I still have his presentation card and plan on using it, but right now’s not the best time to be meeting up with people or going out. Of course, I could just email him and ask him there. I do need some money 101 classes because I’m just terrible at saving.

On my last partial exam I talked about my favorite guest speaker. You can check that out at there.

What did I learn from the speakers? The same thing: dealing with people. It is a management course after all.

And then there’s Ken. He made the above things possible and was (and still is) there for us. I really appreciate the meetings and the class dynamics. I think they worked really well for me in this course

The Post-Covid World

Well, hopefully it doesn’t suck as much. I mean, some people are losing their jobs, the economy will do that thing where it affects everyone and the world enters in crisis or something. But, we can’t look only at the negatives. There’s always a brigther side, no mater how dim.

This one’s the first that comes to mind: online is better than we expected. We don’t have to meet up in person as much, we can do just fine through our computers. Of course, we won’t do this as much right after breaking free of quarantine, but we’ll definitely see a step up in Zoom meetings and the like (comparing to pre-covid).

This means less traffic, more time and happier people. You don’t have to move as much BUT you can if you want to. I feel like this will change some of the logistics at some companies no matter the type.

I honestly can’t come up with anything else, I really have a lot of things in my mind. If anything comes up then I’ll add it below and these last sentences become useless, or will they?

Honestly, who knows. I just hope that things are not that bad. We just have to keep taking care of ourselves, in mind and body. I hope to get back on track with exercise and other activities as soon as the semester’s over (this Friday!). Like, right before quarantine I was really exercising almost every day (boxing), sleeping relatively well, I felt like I got it. Then this happens. But just like before, I’ll get it this time as well and I feel like making some progress already.

I just want to be calm and feel in control of myself, no matter the situation.

I’ll probably not use this blog again. I do plan on writing, check out this post’s last paragraph. It’s not professional or anything, it’s just for self-expression. I’ve kinda stolen the show with these blogs for the academic purposes (sorry if some things are just depressing!). They served a purpose, for me, anyway.

Thanks Ken, for being such a great instructor!

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